Skiing In Modern Croatia: Where To Go

by Owen Jones

Twenty or thirty years ago, no-one in their right mind would have gone to Croatia, unless they were in the army, but that has all altered. Nowadays, Croatia is part of the European Union and is much more welcoming to tourists.

One of the tourist activities that Croatia is building its reputation on is skiing. It is a warmer country than northern France, Switzerland and Scandinavia, so it is possible to take a skiing vacation in the mountains and finish the holiday off with a week at the seaside.

One of the best skiing regions to visit is Zagreb and in particular Bjelolasica, which is where the Croatian Olympic skiing team trains. The facilities in this area are excellent and the prices are a lot cheaper than you would pay in either in the French or in the Swiss Alps or in Scandinavia. In fact Croatia offers fantastic skiing facilities at a very affordable cost.

The Croatian skiing community is of very high standard and they know that they have to compete with the history of the more famous French and Swiss ski resorts so they really pull all the stops out to make certain that the tourists and sports people that come to their country derive value for money and would like to come back again.

They realize that word of mouth advertising is the best and the cheapest form of advertising that you can get.

Another popular Croatian skiing destination is Platak. Platak is situated nearer the Adriatic and is a little more expensive than Bjelolasica because it is a bit cut off, but it only depends where you would like to go and what you want to do.

Platak is a good all round skiing resort which has plans for improvements on a vast scale. During the coming years, Platak will have more ski slopes of different levels of difficulty and more hotels and chalets of all price ranges.

You would be forgiven for thinking that there might be a language barrier in Croatia and to be honest there can be, but the ski resorts are all staffed by people who have studied most of the common European languages. It shows how much can be done in twenty years if the government and the populace have the right and the same point of view.

Croatia has a very varied cuisine, so tourists and skiers from all around the world should be able to find lots of suitable food and drink. Croatia has a border with Hungary and their wine is very drinkable. All in all, Croatia offers decent skiing facilities at a knock down price, but just how long they will be able to offer these fantastic facilities at these attractive prices remains to be seen.

If you are a dedicated skier, it could be worth going to Croatia and buying a time-share or some other sort of chalet now before the inevitable price rise when the remainder of Europe realizes how cheap skiing in Croatia actually is.

About the Author:

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