A Crewed Yacht Charter Provides a Lavish Experience whilst Travelling Around the World

by Carmen Fontaine

Yachting on crewed yacht charters is an awe inspiring and phenomenal experience. Visiting the most divine and pristine places on earth with professionally trained crewmembers is like cherry on the top. Commercial cruising is a luxurious way to spend vacations but cruising on a private yacht where the whole yacht belongs to single person is an incredible feeling, unmatched to any. To top it all, a five star treatment by the crew will enhance the experience even more.

Yacht crews are the most sort after people as they are the face and lifeline of any charter yacht. Moreover, the crew deals with one of the richest and renowned people of the world. Companies like (YPI) Yachting Partners International are one of the well-known organizations that hire and supply the best crewmembers for various yachts across the globe, as their hiring processes are rigorous.

If you are an adventurer and love the sea, joining a yacht as a crew member will have several benefits to offer. Attributes that Yachting Partners International (YPI) look for in their crew are excellent interpersonal skills, pleasing personality, polite verbal skills, good team working skills, execution and management skills, quick decision making and basic qualifications like STWC 95 basic training, personal survival techniques, fire prevention and fire fighting training, first aid training etc.

Once you are recruited you have to undergo few training sessions to familiarise yourself to the yachting industry. On the basis of your qualification and experience, you are positioned in various roles. Junior most position is called Deckhands. As they are fresher's they need to get acquainted with the complete yacht thoroughly therefore their duties are multiple and differ from checking of pumps and water, propulsion systems, working on navigational equipments like log and GPS, sanding, painting the boat, buffing, working on electronic chart display etc.

Apart from this the Steward/Stewardess are other junior officers that handle the interiors of the charter yacht. They are like housekeepers. Their duties could include charting food menus, maintaining the decor and keeping a check on supply of drinks to the crew and the guests. Above the stewards are the Mates/First Officers who are in charge of all duties related to the exteriors of the ship and the deck. Other people who complete the crew are chefs, engineers and above all the captain whose duties are commonly known.

Biggest advantage of joining a charter yacht as crew is the perks that are attached to the job. Other than usual perks like annual bonuses, insurance, health benefits and annual paid leave, the adventures of globetrotting to heavenly places in the Caribbean islands, unexplored places in Northern European countries like Sweden, Scandinavia and Norway are unparalleled to an expedition. Practically no expense are incurred by the crew to travel on such luxury holidays as it is their job, moreover the crew gets to meets the who's who of the world and usually get heavy tips and gifts from them and sometimes gifts from the captain too. The lifestyle that crew leads on board is that of luxury and comfort as the working environment is extremely relaxed on board crewed yacht charters.

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